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Nisga'a Nation

Category: People
Sub Category:First Nations People of Canada
Place:Nass River Valley
State/Country:British Columbia, Canada
Summary Information:
The Nisga'a Nation lives in the Nass River Valley of northwestern British Columbia. Nisga'a Nation has a population of approximately 6000 people, most of whom reside along the Nass River. The four villages of the Nisga'a are New Aiyansh, Gitwinsilkw, Laxgaltsap and Gingolx. The homelands of the Nisga'a Nation cover 24,862 square kilometres.

Each member of the Nisga'a Nation belongs to one of four tribes: Eagle, Killer Whale, Raven or Wolf. Each Nisga'a also belongs to a tribal house.

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  • References

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    (2000) Constitution of the Nisga'a Nation


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