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Nisga'a Nation Harvest Agreement

Date: 1 January 2000
Sub Category:Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Final Agreement (Canada)
State/Country:British Columbia, Canada
Subject Matter:Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests | Land Settlement
Summary Information:
The Harvest Agreement is a side agreement to the Nisga'a Final Agreement. It provides additional rights to the Nisga'a, but does not have constitutional protection. The Harvest Agreement allows the Nisga'a an allocation of pink salmon and sockeye equivalent to nine percent of the total allowable Nass River catch. Where environmental regulations prevent commercial fishing, Nisga'a will not be able to use this allocation to receive commercial revenue. The Harvest Agreement lasts for 25 years but can be renewed after 15 years of operation.

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  • Organisation
  • Government of British Columbia - Signatory
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  • People
  • Nisga'a Nation

  • References

    (2000) Nisga'a Nation Harvest Agreement


    Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Final Agreement (Canada)

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