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Nisga'a Nation Own Source Revenue Agreement

Date: 1 January 2000
Sub Category:Funding Agreement | Comprehensive Land Claims Agreement (Canada) | Final Agreement (Canada)
State/Country:British Columbia, Canada
Subject Matter:Economic Development | Self Government | Land Settlement | Management / Administration
Summary Information:
The Own Source Revenue Agreement, signed in May 2000, is a side agreement to the Nisga'a Final Agreement. It details Nisga'a contributions to the cost of running Nisga'a Government and administration over the next twelve years. Under the Own Source Revenue Agreement, payments from the provincial and federal governments will decrease as Nisga'a tax and fee revenues, interest on treaty settlement payments and other business activities increase. Taxes paid to British Columbia and Canada will also indirectly assist the provision of services to the Nisga'a Nation.

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  • References

    (2000) Nisga'a Nation Own Source Revenue Agreement


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