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Tlicho Community Government

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Local Government
State/Country:Northwest Territories, Canada
Summary Information:
Tlicho community governments are provided for in chapter 8 of the Tlicho Land Claims and Self-Government Agreement.

Under Northwest Territories legislation new Tlicho community governments of Behchoko, Wati, Gameti and Wekweeti will be set up to replace the four existing municipal style governments of Rae Edzo, Wha Ti, Gameti and Wekweti.

The legislation will set out the powers of the Tlicho community governments and provide for election procedures and the structure and administration of the community governments.

Elections will be held for the position of Chief and no fewer than four Councillors for each community government. The maximum number of Councillors is determined by the number of residents in a community.

A community government has power to enact laws for: the operation and internal management of the community government; borrowing money; administration and granting of interests in Tlicho community lands; the management, use, protection and planning of lands; public order, peace and safety; housing for residents; by-law enforcement; intoxicants; local transportation; business licensing and regulation; taxation and other matters of a private or local nature.

The Tlicho community government will have vested in it freehold title to all lands in a community government area, with the exception of certain leases and private parcels. The government will not own mineral rights. Once the Agreement takes effect no mineral exploration or mining will take place on Tlicho community lands. A Tlicho community government cannot sell community land, but may lease it.

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