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Chipewyan Band

Category: People
Sub Category:First Nations People of Canada
State/Country:Northwest Territories, Canada
Alternative Names:
  • Smith's Landing First Nation
  • Denesuline
  • Fitz/Smith Band
  • Summary Information:
    The Chipewyan is one of the traditional tribes of the Great Slave region. Its traditional territory is located on the east arm of the Great Slave Lake in the areas of Lutsel K'e, the Taltson and Thelon Rivers. The traditional language of the Chipewyan is Athapaskan. The Chief of the Chipewyan Indians was a signatory to the original Treaty No 8 signed in 1899 with the British Crown.

    In 1959, the Chipewyan band moved from Fitzgerald to Fort Smith for administrative reasons. The group has also undergone several name changes and in 1962 a band resolution was passed to refer to the group as the Fitz/Smith Band although they are presently known as the Smith's Landing First Nation. Since 2000 the band has been formally recognised under the Indian Act as an Indian Band. A land claim settlement agreement was also signed at this time.

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