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Metis National Council

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Representative Body
State/Country:Northwest Territories, Canada
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Economic Development | Education | Employment and Training | Health and Community Services | Research | Local Government | Self Government
Summary Information:
The Metis National Council (MNC) was established in 1983 and is the national representative of the Metis Nation in Canada. It has represented the Metis Nation in national constitutional negotiations resulting in the proposals of the Charlottetown Accord, and presently represents the Metis people in negotiations with the Canadian Government. It also acts as a representative for the Metis people in the international arena.
Detailed Information:
The mandate and objectives of the MNC are to:

  • Represent and promote the interests of the Metis people;
  • Restore Metis lands and resources for future generations;
  • Achieve full recognition of the Metis Nation and its jurisdiction within the Canadian federal system;
  • Pursue cooperative relations with other Canadian governments and peoples;
  • Promote progress and prosperity for Metis people in matters social, cultural, economic and political;
  • Achieve self-sufficiency for Metis people and institutions;
  • Maintain and promote individual rights of Metis people; and
  • Maintain the independence and integrity of the Metis Nation.

    The Metis National Council is structured at the local, regional and national levels. It comprises five provincial organisations which include the Metis Provincial Council of British Columbia, the Metis Nation of Alberta, the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan, the Manitoba Metis Federation and the Metis Nation of Ontario. Each provincial association includes smaller regional councils composed of local community councils. The members of the provincial councils are elected representatives.

    The MNC itself is governed by the National President and a Board of Governors composed of Presidents of the provincial associations. This group oversees the affairs of the MNC and is assisted in the task by a small permanent secretariat situated in Ottawa.

    Some of the matters around which the MNC is presently developing initiatives include culture and heritage, economic development, health, homelessness, Michif language revival, youth, and disability issues.

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  • References

    Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (1992) Metis Nation Accord


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