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City of Albany Statement of Understanding and Commitment

Category: Policy/Strategy
Date: 30 November 1999
Sub Category:Policy/Strategy
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter: | Cultural Heritage | Economic Development | Education | Employment and Training | Environmental Heritage | Recognition of Native Title or Traditional Ownership | Reconciliation
Summary Information:
On the 30 November 1999 a Statement of Understanding and Commitment was made between the City of Albany, the people of Albany and the Aboriginal community of Albany.

The Statement is a far reaching document that set the way for the signing in 2003 of the Albany Aboriginal Accord.

The Statement recognises the cultural and spiritual links that Noongar people have to the land and sea and acknowledges that they are the traditional owners of the country known as Albany.

The Statement committed the City of Albany and its people to 'working with the Aboriginal people of Albany to establish an accord, which will promote a greater understanding throughout the community of Aboriginal and Non Aboriginal people's history and culture.'

The Statement continues:

'The City of Albany - Aboriginal Peoples Accord will be a living document that promotes reconciliation, provides a process of negotiation and co-operation and results in a mutual sharing of the economic and social prosperity of the City of Albany.

'The City of Albany, the people of Albany and the Aboriginal community accept their responsibilities to work together to develop an awareness of our shared history and culture, and to build a partnership based upon mutual respect understanding, co-operation and trust.'

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