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Partnership Agreement on Economic and Community Development in Nunavik 2002

Sub Category:Partnership Agreement (Canada)
State/Country:Northern Quebec, Canada
Subject Matter:Economic Development | | Employment and Training | Mining and Minerals | Tourism |
Summary Information:
The Partnership Agreement on Economic and Community Development in Nunavik (the Agreement) was signed by the Makivik Corporation, the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and the Government of Quebec on 9 April 2002. The Agreement is intended to strengthen the 'political, economic and social relations between Quebec and the Nunavik Inuit'. The Agreement reflects the Parties' commitment to long term economic and community development in Nunavik, and recognises that the commitments of each Party are based for the most part on their respective commitments under the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA). The purpose of the Agreement is to establish a 'nation-to-nation' relationship and to set out mutually accepted arrangements for economic and social development. The Parties to the Agreement agree to:

  • Accelerate the development of the hydroelectric, tourism and mining potential of Nunavik;
  • Share the benefits of Nunavik economic development;
  • Prioritise economic outcomes for Nunavik Inuit;
  • Prioritise increased autonomy for Makivik and KRG and give them increased responsibilities for the economic and social development of Nunavik Inuit; and
  • Improve public services and infrastructure in Nunavik.
  • Detailed Information:
    Economic development
    The Agreement sets out a range of measures relating to the economic development of Nunavik (see Part 2). Quebec agrees to fund a Nunavik electric transmission line study for the purpose of examining the feasibility of providing electricity to 14 Nunavik villages and the Raglan Mining Corporation. The establishment of such a project would also permit the installation of a fibre optic telecommunications network which would link Nunavik Inuit villages to Hydro-Quebec's provincial network. The project would also allow the provision of cheaper electricity supply, promote mineral exploration and production activities, improve communications and technologies, and assist the development of the hydroelectric potential of Nunavik.

    Similarly, Quebec undertakes to evaluate the hydroelectric potential of the area as well as the feasibility of building small hydroelectric generating stations to serve the Nunavik communities. Makivik agrees to support the development of the hydroelectric potential of Nunavik, and to work with Quebec to accelerate its development. Quebec agrees to pay to Makivik on an annual basis 1.25 percent of the value of annual production of megawatts produced by the Hydroelectric Project. Such payments are to be used for economic and community development. It will also facilitate the signing of agreements between Makivik and hydroelectric development project promoters regarding remedial measures and monitoring, employment and contracts. Should any mining projects take place, Quebec undertakes to do the same. Any mining development will be subject to the applicable environmental and social protection regimes as contemplated by the JBNQA (see Schedule 1 of Section 23).

    In the area of tourism, the Parties foresee the establishment of three provincial parks in Nunavik for which Quebec will provide funding over five years for feasibility studies. The KRG will complete the preliminary data collection for two further parks. Quebec also undertakes to create the Pinguaulit Park, and
    Makivik and Quebec will enter into an appropriate complementary agreement to the JBNQA for its management.

    For the purposes of the funding of community and economic development projects, Quebec will pay to Makivik and KRG seven million dollars (Canadian) in the first year of the Agreement, eight million in the second year, and fifteen million in the third year, and for each subsequent year of the Agreement. Funding is to be 'a flexible tool' designed to respond to the particular needs of the Nunavik population. Makivik and KRG will establish priorities in this regard. They will also be responsible for establishing annual completion timetables and expenditure forecasts.

    Funding of KRG and the Northern Villages
    Quebec agrees to simplify and make more efficient the public funds paid to KRG and to Northern Villages, and to provide these organisations with increased autonomy.

    Community and Economic Development Priority Projects
    The community development projects which the Agreement prioritises include the paving of local roads, implementation of marine infrastructures, improvement of police and correctional services, improvement of wildlife and enforcement services, and the establishment of a public tender process for awarding contracts in which priority is given to Nunavik Inuit businesses. Provisions for funding by Quebec for such projects are set also set out in the Agreement.

    The Parties agree to create a joint coordinating committee composed of four representatives from Quebec and two each from Makivik and KRG. The committee's mandate will be to ensure the harmonious implementation of the Agreement, and to resolve other questions arising from the implementation of the JBNQA. The Parties will endeavour to avoid recourse to the judicial system in the resolution of disputes (see Schedule B). The duration of the Agreement is to be a period of 25 years commencing no later than 15 May 2002. It may be amended with the consent of all the Parties. The Agreement does not constitute an agreement or treaty within the meaning of section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. It is to be produced in Inuttitut, English and French, with the latter two versions being authoritative.

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  • References

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    Partnership Agreement (Canada)

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