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Metis Nation Accord 1992

Sub Category:Political Accord (Canada)
Alternative Names:
  • MNC Accord
  • Métis Nation Accord
  • Proposed Metis Nation Accord
  • Subject Matter:Self Government | Management / Administration
    Summary Information:

    The Parties to the Metis Nation Accord (the Accord) are Canada, the Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Metis Nation of Canada as represented by the Metis National Council and provincial Metis representative bodies. The Accord sets out provisions requiring the federal and provincial governments to contribute resources to the Metis Nation in order to conduct an enumeration of the Metis Nation, including the maintenance of a Metis national registry. The process, which is to include a right of appeal, is to be determined via multilateral negotiations among the Parties to the Accord.

    The Accord also sets out self-government provisions which require the Parties to enter into good faith negotiations regarding the implementation of the right of self-government. This is to include matters regarding jurisdiction and economic arrangements and is to have the objective of tripartite self-government agreements. With respect to the Northwest Territories, negotiations are to be conducted through comprehensive land claims, treaty or self-government negotiations, which will include Metis and Indians as parties.

    In the context of self-government negotiations, Canada and the Provinces, where appropriate, agree to provide access to lands and resources to Metis and Metis self-governing institutions. Where land is to be provided, Canada and the Provinces agree to make available for transfer to Metis self-governing insitutions a fair share of Crown lands. This does not apply to Alberta, where the Accord recognises that the Alberta Metis Settlements General Council has the sole right to negotiate regarding Metis matters. Canada and the Provinces also agree to commence discussions with Metis Nation representatives regarding the establishment of a land claims negotiation process. The two government Parties agree to provide adequate financial resources for representatives of the Metis Nation to take part in tripartite negotiations.

    The Accord also provides for the devolution of responsibility for Aboriginal programs and services to be made to Metis institutions. Canada agrees to provide a substantial proportion of the direct costs of Metis institutions created as a result of self-government agreements. The remainder will be provided by the Provinces and Metis.

    Transfer payments are also to be made by Canada and the Provinces to Metis institutions for the provision of programs and services. These payments, in the context of self-government negotiations, will assist Metis institutions to establish comparable programs and services as are enjoyed by other Aboriginal peoples.

    Canada and the Provinces agree not to reduce funding or services as a result of the signing of the Accord. The rights conferred by the Accord are guaranteed equally to female and male persons. Nothing in the Accord derogates from any treaty, rights or freedoms pertaining to the Aboriginal people of Canada.

    The Parties also agree that self-government agreements referred to in the Accord will only be negotiated by duly mandated representatives of the Metis Nation directly concerned. Further provisions regarding representation are also set out. The ratification provisions provide that the Accord will be considered adopted by the Metis Nation upon the passage of a duly authorised motion or by a special assembly of elected Metis representatives of the Metis Nation.

    The Accord was never realised due to the failure of the referendum on the Charlottetown Accord which proposed a series of constitutional amendments regarding the division of federal and provincial powers.

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  • References

    Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (1992) Metis Nation Accord


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