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In All Fairness: A Native Claims Policy 1981

Category: Policy/Strategy
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Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Land Use | Land Transaction | Land Management | Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests
Summary Information:
The federal Canadian government restated and clarified its policy on comprehensive land claims in 1981 in a document entitled In All Fairness. It expressed the government's desire to protect the cultural identity of aboriginal people while allowing for their full participation in the development of the national economy. It outlined the aims of the policy which were to exchange claims to undefined Aboriginal rights for a package of clearly defined rights and benefits set out in a settlement agreement. Substantial amendments were made to the Comprehensive Land Claims Policy in 1986 after the release of the 'Coolican Report', and in 1995 by the introduction of the Inherent Right (of Self-Government) Policy.

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  • References

    Department of Justice Canada (2003) Specific Claims Resolution Act [Not in force] (2003, c. 23 )


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