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Sounds of the Outback Agreement

Category: Agreement
Date: 1 January 2002
Sub Category:Land Use Agreement
Place:Coober Pedy
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Employment and Training | Environmental Heritage | Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests
Summary Information:
The Sounds of the Outback Agreement was made between the Antakirinja Land Management Aboriginal Corporation (ALMAC), the District Council of Coober Pedy and the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). The agreement sets out the provisions under which the SATC may stage the Sounds of the Outback Concert and Music Festival at a location within the Breakaways.

Under the agreement the SATC takes full responsibility for concert operations, land rehabilitation, the cost of heritage clearance surveys, and the payment of a location fee to ALMAC. In addition, the employer agrees to use its best endeavours to employ members of the local Coober Pedy Aboriginal Community in the course of concert operations, and to employ two heritage officers to be present on the day of the concert.

SATC agrees to ensure that the impact on the environment as a result of the concert is kept to a minimum, making certain that no plants or wildlife are removed from the reserve, no plants or domestic wildlife are brought into the reserve and the land is returned to the condition in which it was found.

The agreement also establishes a Liaison Committee which includes three members of ALMAC to function as a reference group to assist in the resolution of any differences arising out of the agreement. ALMAC assures that it is the appropriate authority representing the traditional owners of the area.

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