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Toogimbie Indigenous Protected Area

Category: Place
Sub Category:Indigenous Protected Area
State/Country:New South Wales, Australia
40 kms west of Hay, south central New South Wales.
Summary Information:
The Toogimbie Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) was declared in March 2004 and covers an area of 4611 hectares in south central New South Wales. Toogimbie Station is one of three properties owned by the Nari Nari Tribal Council (NNTC). Since the 1800s it had been used solely for pastoral and agricultural purposes. The properties were initially purchased by the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) in 2000 under its land acquisition scheme. The NNTC took control a short time later. The ILC was instrumental in the establishment of a preliminary Property Plan. The Natural Heritage Trust Indigenous Protected Areas Program subsequently provided funding for the development of a Plan of Management.
Detailed Information:
The IPA has significant cultural heritage values which emerge from the traditional cultural practices of the Nari Nari Nation, itself a subgroup of the Wiradjuri Nation. The wetlands areas were traditionally used as camps and burial places. Middens are also found there. The area was part of a major trade route evidenced by the presence of rocks, shells and skeletal remains.

The ecological values of the area are also significant. Toogimbie consists of the riparian zone and the adjacent floodplain area as well as the well-known scalded plains of Hay. The wetlands adjoin the Murrumbidgee River and cover approximately 5000 acres which are host to Lignum vegetation. This is the first Lignum floodplain earmarked for conservation and so has potential to support valuable endangered or rare plant and animal populations. Surveys conducted by the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service in 2002 indicated the presence of 55 bird, 18 mammal, 11 reptile and 2 frog species.

It is hoped that projects such as wetland inundation, revegetation works and feral animal control will contribute to the restoration of the land and recovery from its pastoral use. Also planned are weed eradication, fence construction, fire management, revegetation, hazard reduction and waste removal. The IPA will be managed by the NNTC consistent with the Toogimbie Indigenous Protected Area Plan of Management 2004-2008.

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