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Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 (Vic)

Category: Legislation
Sub Category:Legislation
State/Country:Victoria, Australia
Summary Information:
The Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 (Vic) is 'an Act to provide for the Use of the Aborigines at Framlingham and Lake Tyers to be vested in a Framlingham Aboriginal Trust and a Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust respectively, to regulate the affairs of the said Trusts, to amend the Aboriginal Affairs Act 1967 and the Land Tax Act 1958, and for other purposes' (long title).
Detailed Information:
The Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 was the first Victorian Act to recognise Aboriginal people's entitlement to land. Pursuant to the Act the deeds of reserve land at Framlingham (shown in Schedule 1 to the Act) and Lake Tyers (shown in Schedule 2 to the Act) were transferred to the Aboriginal communities under trusts specifically established for this purpose.

The Aboriginal Lands (Amendment) Act 2004 (Vic) was enacted to amend the principal Act in recognition of changes within the communities over the preceding 30 years. The amendments were designed to improve governance and management structures, increase community involvement in decisions affecting the Trusts, and improve community access to the Trust land for the provision of services.

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  • References

    Australasian Legal Information Institute (1970) Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 (Vic)



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