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Australian Divisions of General Practice

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  • Australian Divisions of General Practice Ltd
  • ADGP
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    Summary Information:
    The Australian Divisions of General Practice Ltd (ADGP) was established in 1998. It is a peak body representing 120 Divisions of General Practice as well as seven State based organisations (SBOs) throughout Australia.

    The objects of the ADGP are 'to promote the health and well-being of Australians through Divisions of General Practice, including by:
    - strengthening the effectiveness and vitality of the General Practice sector through support to Member Divisions and Member SBOs and advocacy and representation of Member Divisions and Member SBOs to the Federal Government, to other national organisations and to the Australian public;
    - contributing to the development of national health policy in collaboration with Member Divisions and Member SBOs;
    - promoting cooperation and communication with other national organisations in Australia with objects similar to these objects of the Company; and
    - providing national leadership in health system development.' ('ADGP Profile')
    Detailed Information:
    ADGP represents General Medical Practitioners Australia-wide, its members being represented on a range of national decision-making and advisory bodies throughout the health care system. ADGP also receives funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and other sources to manage National Programs for the Divisions of General Practice Network to support General Practice locally. Such programs cover a broad range of primary care issues, including immunisation, youth health and practice nursing.

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