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Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act Amendment Act 2005

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Summary Information:
The Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act was amended in 2005 to support the amendments to the Parks and Reserves (Framework for the Future) Act 2003. The amendments allow for joint management plans to be set up in the Northern Territories National Parks. Joint management aims to provide a more inclusive approach to park management and draw aon both indigenous and western knowledge.

The Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act Amendment Act 2005 commenced operation on May 31, 2005.
Detailed Information:
The Amendment Act introduced new sections to the former Act that detail joint management. These include:

- to jointly establish an equitable partnership to manage and maintain the park or reserve as
part of a comprehensive and representative system of parks and reserves in the
- to benefit both the traditional Aboriginal owners and the wider community;
- to protect biological diversity;
- to serve visitor and community needs for education and enjoyment (section 25AB).

The principles of joint management include the recognition Aboriginal interests, culture, knowledge and decision making processes, and the utilisation of the skills and expertise of both joint management partners (section 25AC).

Process, Development and Implementation
Draft joint management plans must be sent to the minister and then tabled in Parliament (section 25AF). These draft plans must include a description of the traditional owners and ways for these owners to work with local conservation officers. Processes for identifying and managing culturally significant sites must be noted, as must processes for dealing for approving work or dealing with disputes (section 25 AE). The plans may be amended or revoked (section 25AH). Under section 25AI, once the plan comes into effect, the joint managers must manage the park accordingly.

Other issues
The amendment legislation also includes provisions for mining (sections 25AL and 25 AM), for the functions of land councils (sections 25AN and25AP) and the making of by-laws in parks or reserves (section 25AQ).

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  • References

    Northern Territory Government (2005) Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act Amendment Act



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