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Indigenous Land Management Facilitator Network

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Summary Information:
The Indigenous Land Management Facilitator Network was etsablished by the Commonwealth Government in order to assist Indigenous Australians to address their land management needs, contribute to national objectives and to gain access to Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) funding. It comprises a national network of 13 Indigenous Land Management Facilitators who provide assistance to Indigenous people involved in land management. The Facilitators are funded by the NHT and are employed through regionally based host agencies in each state and territory. The role of the Indigenous Land management facilitators is to:

'-Advise Indigenous communities on opportunities available through the NHT/NAP (eg. Envirofund)
- Ensure Indigenous communities are aware of the opportunities either as individuals or as a group to get involved in NRM activities.
- Encourage and promote Indigenous representation on Natural Resource Management (NRM) Regional Bodies (eg. Catchment Management Authorities).
- Work with and support the operations of NRM Regional Bodies.
- Foster and support existing Indigenous and non-Indigenous NRM facilitator networks in their regions.
- Promote commitment to and participation in sustainable land management and nature conservation by managers of Indigenous land.
- Foster the involvement of Indigenous people in national, regional and local activities for achieving ecologically sustainable development.
- Encourage and promote Indigenous representation on Regional or Catchment Indigenous Reference / Advisory Groups.
- Assist Indigenous communities to engage in regional planning and the implementation of initiatives supported by the NHT/NAP and other Australian Government NRM Programs.
- Recognise and support the cultural values and traditional knowledge that Indigenous communities contribute towards NRM.
- Assist Indigenous communities in building their capacity to manage land and engage with other NRM stakeholders
- Provide links to other Indigenous land management organisations in their regions (eg. Indigenous Land Corporation)
- Act as a broker between Indigenous and non-Indigenous land managers in relation to developing better working relationships.
- Provide advice to the Department of the Environment and Heritage (DEH) and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) on how to engage more effectively with Indigenous stakeholders.
- Assist in the delivery of better-coordinated Australian and State/Territory Government services to improve the social and economic well being of Indigenous communities.
- Act as a practical two-way link between Indigenous land managers, other individuals and organisations involved in promoting sustainable land management and nature conservation.'
(Department of the Environment and Heritage - Ausrtalian Government, 'Indigenous Land Management Facilitator Network': (at 17 August 2005)).

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