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World Wildlife Fund For Nature

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  • WWF
  • World Wildlife Fund
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    Summary Information:
    The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) was established in 1961 with the goal of stopping, and ultimately reversing environmental degradation and creating a world where people live harmoniously with nature. The WWF presently operates in over 100 countries around the world and funds close to 2000 environmental projects.

    The WWF focuses its efforts by prioritising areas which represent outstanding examples of biodiversity and works with local communities, government agencies, NGOs and business to implement programs to ensure the protection of such places. In doing so, the WWF works on the social, economic, and policy issues which are essential to sustainable livelihoods for people and the ecosystems upon which they depend. The organisation also conducts campaigns to heighten awareness of environmental issues.
    Detailed Information:
    The WWF is an independent foundation registered under Swiss law and governed by a Board of Trustees under an International President. WWF International, the secretariat of WWF, is located in the Swiss town of Gland. 'Its role is to lead and coordinate the WWF Network of offices around the world, through developing policies and priorities, fostering global partnerships, coordinating international campaigns, and providing supportive measures in order to help make the global operation run as smoothly as it can.[] WWF's offices carry out local conservation work, within national boundaries, such as practical field projects, scientific research, advising local and national governments on environmental policy, promoting environmental education, and raising awareness of environmental issues. Each office that can work independently also contributes funding to WWF's global conservation programme, while all offices help contribute to an enormous pool of environmental expertise and knowledge.' (World Wildlife Fund for Nature, 'How is WWF organized?': (at 19 August 2005)).

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