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Songman Circle of Wisdom Indigenous Plant Certification Protocol

Category: Event
Date: 1 January 2004
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • SCW Indigenous Plant Protocol
  • Subject Matter: | Economic Development
    Summary Information:
    The Songman Circle of Wisdom Indigenous Plant Certification Protocol was developed by members of Australia's Indigenous community and has been implemented for the first time in a partnership venture between cosmetics producer Aveda and Australian sandalwood distributor Mount Romance as part of a commitment to building sustainable business partnerships. Mount Romance and Aveda have each donated (US) $50,000 to the launch of the project. The protocol establishes sourcing standards for sandalwood in Australia and provides a model for international Indigenous leaders to practise sustainable business across their own communities. It is the first protocol of its type in the world.
    Detailed Information:
    Under the protocol, Aveda now sources its sandalwood in the Western Australian desert, led by Aboriginal wood harvesters from the camp at Kutkububba. Aveda pays a premium on top of the state controlled price which goes to the community. However, only a fifth of West Australian sandalwood harvesting is done by Indigenous communities. The money contributed by Aveda and Mount Romance, will therefore form part of a working capital fund to assist Aboriginal communities to bid more effectively for the limited sandalwood licenses (the collection of sandalwood is conducted via a strict government licensing system).

    It is envisaged that the protocol will facilitate the development of other relationships between Indigenous people and multinational corporations like Aveda.

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  • References

    Media Release
    Aveda (2005) Taking Care of Business: A Dialogue on Environmentally Balanced Economics

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