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Yalata 'Community Safety' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)

Date: 1 January 2005
Sub Category:Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
  • Proposed contribution - Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination ($22,000)
  • Proposed contribution - Attorney-General's Department ($50,000)
  • Proposed contribution - SA Police (In-kind support)
  • Proposed contribution - Department of Family and Community Services (In-kind support)
  • Subject Matter: | Health and Community Services
    Summary Information:
    The Yalata 'Community Safety' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) is one of two SRAs signed in Yalata in May 2005. The SRAs hope to increase the confidence of local children and improve community safety.

    The 'Community Safety' SRA was signed between the Yalata community and the Commonwealth government.

    Shared Responsibility Agreements are agreements between governments and Indigenous communities to provide discretionary funding in return for community obligations. The new arrangements developed from an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments and replace the previous ATSIC system of funding. For more information see 'Shared Responsibility Agreement' below.
    Detailed Information:

    The SRA focuses on community safety in Yalata. The SRA provides a night patrol to monitor safety within the community, and provides a trial bus service to offer access to medical and legal services in Ceduna.

    Shared Responsibilities

    The Commonwealth government will provide $72000 towards funding Community Development and Employment Project (CDEP) workers to staff the night patrol, and to funding the trial bus service for six months.

    The Yalata community will 'attend training on safer communities, and support local police and night patrol workers' (SRA Fact Sheet). Community members will also volunteer to join the CDEP workers on the night patrol. The community will also develop a set of rules regarding travel on the bus to Ceduna.

    In addition to staffing the night patrol, the CDEP will provide bus drivers and marshals. South Australian police will train and support bus marshals.

    The Yalata SRAs are administered by the Ceduna Indigenous Coordination Centre.

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  • References

    News Item
    National Indigenous Times (2005) The dollars and sense of Shared Responsibility Agreements just don't add up


    Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) (Australia)

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