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Aroona 'Leadership Skills for Young People' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)

Date: 17 February 2005
Sub Category:Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
State/Country:South Australia, Australia
The Aroona community lives in and around Copley and Leigh Creek, which are located 550 kilometres north of Adelaide.
Subject Matter: | Education | Health and Community Services | Youth
Summary Information:
The Aroona 'Leadership Skills for Young People' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) was signed to provide activities for young Indigenous people from the Aroona Community. The SRA involves the communities of Copley and Leigh Creek, where approximately 10 per cent of the population is Indigenous.

Shared Responsibility Agreements are agreements between governments and Indigenous communities to provide discretionary funding in return for community obligations. The new arrangements developed from an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments and replace the previous ATSIC system of funding. For more information see 'Shared Responsibility Agreement' below.
Detailed Information:

The SRA aims to develop the leadership skills of young people through participation in 'life skills' activities. The SRA provides a bus service so that young people have access to activities such as nutrition, exercise and personal development programs.

Shared Responsibilities

The Aroona community will contribute to the SRA by ensuring that young people catch the bus, and by providing mentoring through traditional culture.

The Commonwealth government will contribute $5000 to the SRA, and together with the South Australian government will fund the operation of the community bus. A project officer will develop a community plan and work to update the Aroona Community Council's constitution.

The SRA will run for a period of seven months, after which a new SRA may be developed.

The Aroona SRA will be administered by the Port August Indigenous Coordination Centre.

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