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Geoscience Australia

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Summary Information:
Geoscience Australia is a national agency of the Commonwealth Government of Australia. It is responsible for geospatial research and information. It is located within the Industry, Tourism and Resources portfolio. Geoscience's main planned outcomes are:
- enhanced global attractiveness of Australia's offshore and onshore exploration;
- improved resource management and environmental protection; and
- safer communities and transportation.

To this end, Geoscience engages in a range of projects including:

'- monitoring earthquakes and nuclear explosions, making earthquake and landslide risk-assessments, studying risks faced by communities, and providing technical test-ban-treaty advice to a range of clients in government and the community
- providing information on the Earth's magnetic field for navigation, mineral exploration, geological dating, dealing with hazards related to geomagnetic disturbances, and many other applications
- mapping the outer limits of Australia's jurisdiction under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, studying the environmental impacts of hydrocarbons, researching estuarine health and participating in the international Ocean Drilling Program
- identifying new prospective basins in Australia's offshore territory and promoting them as areas appropriate for exploration investment
- producing national geoscientific maps, databases and information systems
- conducting regional and mineral-systems studies, advising on Australia's mineral resources for land-use planning and management, and promoting opportunities for minerals exploration
- providing fundamental spatial information which relates to national mapping, maritime boundaries, remote sensing and geodesy.'
(Geoscience Australia, 'About Us': (at 3 October 2005)).

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