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Office of Spatial Data Management

Category: Organisation
Binomial Name: Australian Commonwealth Government
Sub Category:Federal Government
Alternative Names:
  • OSDM
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    Summary Information:
    The Office of Spatial Data Management (OSDM) is hosted by Geoscience Australia but operates independently of it. Its role is to:

    '- provide administrative support to the Spatial Data Policy Executive (SDPE) and the Spatial Data Management Group (SDMG);
    - implement the workplan and manage the working groups established by SDMG;
    - facilitate sharing of experience and expertise between Australian Government agencies;
    - provide technical advice to the SDMG;
    - promote efficient use of Australian Government spatial data assets;
    - represent the Australian Government's interests in spatial data coordination and access arrangements with the States and Territories; and
    - foster the development of a private sector spatial information industry.'
    (Office of Spatial Data Mangement, 'About OSDM': (at 3 October 2005)).

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