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Taungurung - Mt Conqueror Minerals Regional Exploration and Mining Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)

Date: 5 May 2006
Sub Category:Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (Native Title Act)
State/Country:North-East Victoria, Australia
The extract of the ILUA from the Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements describes the area covered by the agreement as follows:

'ILUA Area' means the area of land and/or waters covered by this Agreement as described and shown on the map in Schedule C [to the agreement].

Schedule C to the agreement states:

"The Agreement Area is defined by the following coordinate points (Decimal Degrees):
1. 145.993957 Longitude East; 36.929814 Latitude South
2. 146.357328 Longitude East; 36.943526 Latitude South
3. 146.525756 Longitude East; 37.647508 Latitude South
4. 146.129786 Longitude East; 37.648010 Latitude South

The Agreement area includes lands and waters subject to the following Native Title determination applications:

- V6006/99 Taungurung People (VC99/10)
- VG6021/98 Taungurung People (VC99/11)

The Agreement Area excludes lands and waters subject to the native title determination application VG6007/98 Gunai/Kurnai (VC97/4) as filed in the Federal Court on 04/04/1997."

The agreement is within the local government regions of Baw Baw Shire Council, Mansfield Shire Council, Murrindindi Shire Council, Wangaratta Rural City Council, Wellington Shire Council, and Yarra Ranges Shire Council.
Legal Status: Registered with the National Native Title Tribunal
Legal Reference: National Native Title Tribunal File No.: VI2004/00
Subject Matter:Native Title | Mining and Minerals
Summary Information:
The Taungurung - Mt Conqueror Minerals Regional Exploration and Mining Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) was agreed between Glenys Patricia Elizabeth Merry, Brian Patterson, Judith Monk and Michael Harding on behalf of the Taungurung Native Title Group; and Mount Conqueror Minerals NL on 5 May 2006.

The purpose of the ILUA is to provide consent for a range of acts, whether or not they are 'future acts', relating to mining and exploration.
Detailed Information:
The Taungurung give permission for the grant and use of an Exploration Licence over the land that is the subject of this ILUA. This includes agreement that 'future acts' may be done. The parties also agree that the right to negotiate provisions of the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth) do not apply, as the alternative consultation provisions are to be followed instead. Under this Act any activity, such as a grant of land, that may affect native title rights is defined as a 'future act' and must comply with the future act provisions of the Act in order to be valid.

The ILUA states that it will operate for the duration of the mining licence proposed to be granted to Mount Conqueror Minerals NL, unless the parties agree in accordance with the agreement that it should be terminated.

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  • References

    National Native Title Tribunal (30 September 2010) Registered ILUAs by Name


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