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Tropical Aquaculture Park Management Agreement

Category: Agreement
Date: 2 February 1996
Sub Category:Joint Management Agreement
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
The Tropical Aquaculture Park is located in Broome, in north-eastern Western Australia.
Alternative Names:
  • Broome Tropical Aquaculture Park Management Agreement
  • Subject Matter:Native Title | Collaboration / Partnership | Tourism | Employment and Training | Cultural Heritage
    Summary Information:

    The Tropical Aquaculture Park Management Agreement was made between the Minister for Fisheries (WA) ('the Minister') and the Rubibi Aboriginal Land, Heritage and Development Company Pty Ltd ('Rubibi') on 2 February 1996. This agreement relates to the operation of a Tropical Aquaculture Park in Broome, which is on the site of a native title claim by the Rubibi people.

    The Agreement stipulates that two of the six representatives on the Management Advisory Committee will be from the Rubibi people. The Committee is set up to oversee the management and control of the Park and he Fisheries Department of Western Australia must follow the Committee's recommendations unless otherwise directed by the Minister.

    The Rubibi agree to:

    (a) nominate two representatives to sit on the Committee, and ensure that they discharge their duties in good faith;
    (b) promote the Park, and maximise patronage to the Park; and
    (c) inform the Fisheries Department of Western Australia of any matter which comes to their attention and may be of substantial importance to the Department in its management of the Park.
    Detailed Information:
    The Rubibi will be paid a Management Fee equal to 49% of the Gross Operating Profit of the Park for each financial year. The rent for the Park will be peppercorn (nominal) while the Rubibi remain as a subleasee. Commercial rent will be paid if the lease is assigned, or if the Park is sub-let. In addition, the Rubibi have the right of first refusal if the Government wishes to sell the Park. If they choose not to exercise that right and the Park is sold to a third party, the Rubibi will be paid 49% of the Net Sale Proceeds.

    The Agreement also stipulates that the lease for the Park will not affect any future determination of native title rights and interests.

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  • References

    Australian Indigenous Law Reporter The Broome Tropical Aquaculture Park Management Agreement


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