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Maningrida Community

Category: People
Place:Arnhem Land
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Maningrida is located on the east bank of Liverpool River estuary approximately 400 kilometres east of Darwin (Burrara Gathering Website, January 2007).
Detailed Information:
Maningrida Community was initially established as a trading post in 1949 (Maningrida Arts and Culture Website, January 2007).

'The traditional owners of the Maningrida area are the Gunibidji, although people from a number of different Arnhem Land groups also live there now, including Burarra, Djinang, Eastern Kunwinjku, Gunnartpa, Gupapuyngu, Gurrgoni, Kunbarlang, Nakkara, Rembarrnga and Wurlaki ' (Burrara Website, January 2007). It has an approximate population of 1700 people (Burrara Website, January 2007).

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  • References

    Maningrida Arts and Culture Maningrida
    Burrara Gathering (2006) Maningrida An Arnhem Land Town


    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Australia)

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