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Yingualyalya Aboriginal Land Trust

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Aboriginal Land Trust (Northern Territory)
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Summary Information:
The Yingualyalya Aboriginal Land Trust holds two areas of land - covering 3,682 square kilometres - in the Western Desert Region near the Northern Territory's border with Westen Australia. It is an Aboriginal Land Trust constituted under section 4 of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 (Cth). Under the Act, where land is granted following a traditional land claim, the title is held by an Aboriginal Land Trust 'for the benefit of Aboriginals entitled by Aboriginal tradition to the use or occupation of the land concerned'. As a general rule, Aboriginal land is held by a Land Trust in fee simple and it cannot be sold by the Land trust holding title to it. Land Trusts act on the direction of the local Land Council.

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    Aboriginal Land Trust (Northern Territory) (Australia)

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