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Mitakoodi-Juhnjlar Cultural Data Agreement

Date: 1 August 2005
Sub Category:Funding Agreement
Place:Mt Isa
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage
Summary Information:

The Mitakoodi-Juhnjlar Cultural Data Agreement is an agreement reached between the Mitakoodi-Juhnjlar Aboriginal Corporation and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (NRM), Queensland.

This agreement gives the Mitakoondi-Juhnjlar people, based in Mt Isa, Queensland, basic training with Global Positioning System programs and computer mapping software so that they can map culturally important sites.

The Mitakoondi-Juhnjlar People will use the information they gather to build a database and produce maps, and will also be encouraged to present their findings to NRM's Cultural Heritage Co-ordination Unit in order to formally register significant sites. The traditional owners will retain intellectual property rights over the information that they gather.

NRM Minister, Henry Palaszczuk, was quoted as saying 'the department has the tools and the traditional owners have the knowledge of the area… all we've done is bring the two together.' (Living Black)

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