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Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations

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    The Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN) website states that the organisation is a 'confederation of Indigenous Nations or traditional owners in the lower southern part of the Murray Darling Basin.'

    Each Indigenous Nation is represented by two delegates. As at 2007, MLDRIN was composed 'of delegates from the Wiradjuri, Yorta Yorta, Taungurung, Barapa Barapa, Wamba Wamba, Mutti Mutti, Wadi Wadi, Latji Latji, Werigaia and Ngarrindjeri Nations.'
    Detailed Information:
    As listed on the organisation's website, 'MLDRIN's values are:

    - Traditional lore and customs of the respective Indigenous Nations are paramount.
    - The land and water are sacred, as is our knowledge of it.
    - The River system must be treated with respect because the land, waters and the people are interconnected.
    - Caring for Country must be sustainable and respectful.
    - Caring for Country means talking to each other, upstream and downstream.
    - The role of Elders is held in the highest esteem and respect.
    - Young people must be respected and involved in the Care for Country.'

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