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Commonwealth State Housing Agreement 2003-2008

Binomial Name: Multilateral Agreement
Date: 1 July 2003
Sub Category:Framework Agreement | Funding Agreement
Alternative Names:
  • CSHA
  • Housing Assistance (Form of Agreement) Determination 2003
  • Subject Matter:Health and Community Services |
    Summary Information:
    The Commonwealth State Housing Agreement ('CSHA') is an agreement, authorised under the Housing Assistance Act 1996 (Cth), between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories. It 'is designed to provide strategic direction and funding certainty for the provision of housing assistance across Australia over the five years from 1 July 2003.'

    Under the CSHA, the Commonwealth and States commit to implementing Building a Better Future: Indigenous Housing to 2010. With regard to the Aboriginal Rental Housing Program, the CSHA will place priority on 'ensur[ing] that houses are well maintained and managed to achieve health related outcomes for Indigenous people.'

    The CSHA states that 'the Commonwealth and the States will work together to improve access to mainstream housing options (public housing, community housing, private rental and home ownership) for Indigenous people living in urban and rural centres.'

    The CSHA replaces the Commonwealth State Housing Agreement 1999-2003.
    Detailed Information:
    Bilateral Agreements

    The CSHA acknowledges that the States and Territories will have different priorities for housing assistance and accordingly provides for the entering into of Bilateral Agreements between the Commonwealth and each State and Territory. The Bilateral Agreements will be the main instruments for stating the outcomes and objectives of housing assistance programs.

    Unless otherwise agreed, each Bilateral Agreement will address:
    - the level and nature of housing need, and the State's strategic response;
    - social, economic and market pressures faced by States with regard to housing assistance, and the State's strategic response;
    - agreed objectives of the Agreement, and the State's strategic response;
    - agreed outcomes and performance measures;
    - outcomes and performance measures in terms of attracting outside investment;
    - linkages with other government programs that influence housing outcomes;
    - planning and implementation arrangements for housing programs; and
    - arrangements for community consultation.

    The Bilateral Agreements are to be cross-referenced with the Indigenous Housing Agreements.

    The parties to the CSHA affirm COAG's National Commitment to Improved Outcomes in the Delivery of Programs and Services for Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders. The CSHA states that 'Indigenous housing agreements will require an annual Indigenous housing plan' and that such plans will adress the matters listed above (regarding Bilateral Agreements) and will also specify reporting requirements.

    Housing plans will be based on Building a Better Future: Indigenous Housing to 2010 and the parties to the CSHA also agree to improve the availability of data under the Agreement on National Indigenous Housing Information.

    Funding Arrangements

    The CSHA provides for more than $4.75 billion for housing assistance, including Indigenous housing.

    The Commonwealth will provide $146 per year as Base Funding, to be divided among the States. Additional funds will include $91 million for the Aboriginal Rental Housing Program in the first Grant Year (and adjusted amounts in later years). The States are to contribute an amount equal to 48.95% of their Base Funding.

    Before 1 January 2007, the Commonwealth and States are to enter into discussions about funding after the expiration of the CSHA.

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  • References

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