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Agreement to return Walga Rock to the custodial care of its traditional owners

Date: 18 November 2004
Sub Category:Land Transfer Agreement
Place:Walga Rock, Cue Shire
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Walga Rock is located in the Murchison region of Western Australia, 50 kilometres south-west of the former gold mining town Cue. It is located 325 kilometres inland from the Western Australian coast (National Indigenous Times, 2004).
Subject Matter:Land Transaction | Recognition of Native Title or Traditional Ownership | Recognition of Traditional Rights and Interests
Summary Information:
The Agreement, signed 18 November 2004, involved the formal handing back of custodial care of the Walga Rock to the Wajarri Elders.

Parties present at the signing of the Agreement include the Yamatji Land and Sea Council (representing the Wajarri Elders); committee members of the Wajarri Yamatji Corporation; the Department of Indigenous Affairs; Cue Shire Council and the local Aboriginal group, Thoo Thoo Wanhina (Yamatji Land and Sea Council, 2004).

Detailed Information:
Walga Rock is a granite monolith which has profound cultural significance not only to the traditional owners, the Wajarri, but also to the Aboriginal people throughout the mid-west and across the western desert regions of Western Australia (Yamatji Land and Sea Council, 2004).

The Agreement acknowledges the Wajarri elders as traditional owners of the sites, supports vesting of Walga Rock in the Wajarri Elders and recognises that their permission is required for any future development of the sites (Yamatji Marlpa Barna Baba Maaja Aboriginal Corporation, 2004).

The site will now be managed by a joint stakeholder's committee, which will assist in the care, maintenance and control of access to the area (National Indigenous Times, 2004).

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