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Memorandum of Agreement by 'Half-Breeds' of Rainy River

Category: Agreement
Sub Category:Treaty (Canada)
Alternative Names:
  • Treaty No 3
  • Summary Information:
    On 12 September 1875, members of the 'half-breeds' of rainy river and representatives of the government of Canada entered into a memorandum of agreement acknowledging the interests of the 'half-breeds' in the area covered by Treaty No 3.

    The memorandum of agreement stated that the said 'half-breeds' had willingly decided to enter into the treaty and become subject to the terms and conditions stated. The agreement states that these groups fully and voluntarily surrender any and all claim, right, title or interest which they, by virtue of their Indian blood, have in the lands or territories above described, and agree to abide by the terms of the treaty. The agreement also stated that the 'half-breeds' should receive compensation in the way of reserves of land, payment, annuities and presents in the same manner as those peoples covered in the treaty text itself.

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