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Carcross/Tagish First Nation

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Canadian Aboriginal Government
State/Country:Yukon, Canada
Summary Information:
The Carcross/Tagish First Nation is made up of representatives of six clans, all of which are represented within the governing structure of the Nation. These groups are the Daklaweidi and Yan Yedi clans of the Wolf Moiety, and the Deisheetaan, Ganaxtedi, Ishkahittaan and Kookhittaan clans of the Crow Moiety.

Tagish/Tlingit culture is matrilineal. Each clan within the Nation has clan leaders who are chosen by their clans. Whilst the current government of the CTFN is governed by an elected chief and council, the Nation is moving towards a clan system, which will require each clan to elect leaders who together will have the authority to make legislative decisions on behalf of all of the citizens of the CTFN.

The CTNF Executive Council is currently made up of one representative from each of the six different clans. This is then complimented by the CTFN General Council, which consists of three representatives from each of the six clans. A further 21 councils have been established to direct Nation development in certain areas, with each consisting of at least one member of each clan. These councils include the Elders Council, the Youth Council and the Justice Council, with a range of different working groups monitoring and implementing policy on a range of areas from natural resource management, health and housing.

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