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Moose Deer Point First Nation

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Canadian Aboriginal Government
State/Country:Ontario, Canada
Summary Information:
Moose Deer Point First Nation covers an area of approximately 250 hectares, and has a current registered population of 451. According to the department of Indian and Northern Affairs, 'the people of Moose Deer Point are descendents of the Pottawatomi of the American Mid-West. They settled in southern Ontario in the late 1830's, eventually joining the Beausoleil Band of Beausoleil Island. Later, some members of Beausoleil and some Pottawatomi moved north and established a settlement at Moose Point. The Moose Point reserve was first surveyed in 1917 and vested by an Order-in-Council the same year.'

Today, the First Nation is governed by a single Chief, and four councillors.

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