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Nharnuwangga, Wajarri and Ngarlawangga Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)

Date: 5 July 2001
Sub Category:Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (Native Title Act)
Place:North of Meekatharra
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
The areas covered by the Agreement are located 80km north of Meekatharra and cover an area of about 47,542 sq km. The Agreement area falls partly within the local government areas of Ashburton, Meekatharra and Upper Gascoyne. Not all lands and waters within the areas shown are included within the Agreement. For example the following reserves are excluded: Reserves 40710, 40869, 41016, 41151, 42690, 44235, 44454.
Legal Status: Registered with the National Native Title Tribunal
Legal Reference: National Native Title Tribunal File No: WIA2000/001
Subject Matter:Future Act | Native Title | Recognition of Native Title or Traditional Ownership
Summary Information:
The Nharnuwangga, Wajarri and Ngarlawangga Indigenous Land Use Agreement (the ILUA) provides the consent of the native title holders for future mining activity in the area of the Nharnuwangga, Wajarri and Ngarlawangga land where native title was determined to exist. All compulsory acquisitions, applications for tenements, grants of general purpose leases and Petroleum Titles and productive mining can occur without the further negotiation or compensation that would otherwise apply under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). The ILUA was made following a consent determination on 5 July 2001 that native title exists in parts of the Nharnuwangga, Wajarri and Ngarlawangga native title claim in Western Australia.

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  • Organisation
  • State of Queensland
  • Shire of Ashburton
  • Upper Gascoyne Shire
  • State of Western Australia - Signatory
  • National Native Title Tribunal
  • Shire of Meekatharra
  • Jidi Jidi Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
  • Yamatji Marlpa Barna Baba Maaja Land and Sea Council
  • Legislation
  • Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)
  • Native Title Amendment Act 1998 (Cth)
  • Native Title (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) Regulations 1999 (Cth)
  • People
  • Nharnuwangga People
  • Wajarri People
  • Ngarla People
  • Clarrie Smith and others - Signatory

  • References

    National Native Title Tribunal National Native Title Tribunal website
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    National Native Title Tribunal Native Title Determination Summary: Smith v Western Australia (2000) 104 FCR 494; [2000] FCA 1249


    Nharnuwangga, Wajarri and Ngarlawangga Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) Map - ( Image | Thumbnail | PDF)


    Native Title (Australia) | Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)) (Australia)

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