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Territory Resources Ltd

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Public Company
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Alternative Names:
  • Territory Iron Ltd
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    Summary Information:
    Territory Resources Ltd was formerly known as Territory Iron Ltd and Territory Iron Pty Ltd. The company name 'Territory Iron Ltd' was changed to 'Territory Resources Ltd' on 13 June 2007.

    Territory Resources Ltd is a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. According to its website, Territory Resources Ltd is a 'carbon steel company, with iron ore resources in [the] Northern Territory' (Territory Resources Ltd, 2008).

    As at February 2008, it had identified four projects in the Northern Territory, at Frances Creek, Yarram, Mt Bundey and Warrego. The company has agreements with Chinese steel mills to purchase iron ore from the Frances Creek project (see Territory Iron Ltd, 2007).

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