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Waiohau Claimants

Category: People
Sub Category:Party to a Deed of Settlement (New Zealand)
State/Country:Aotearoa - New Zealand
Summary Information:
The Waiohau Claimants are party to the Waiohau Deed of Settlement.

"Waiohau Claimants" are defined in cl 1.3.1 of the Deed to mean "any of the following:

(a) The descendants [through birth, legal adoption or Maori customary adoption: see cl 1.3.2] of the following individuals, who were the owners of Waiohau prior to its acquisition by the Crown on 23 August 1962:

i) Araera Waaka;
ii) Ani Hiki;
iii) Heni Hiki;
iv) Huka Hiki;
v) Te Kari Waaka;
vi) Merania Waaka;
vii) Paora Waaka;
viii) Rua Hiki;
ix) Wharetakahia Hiki;
x) Whakaki Waaka;

(b) The collective group composed of the individuals referred to in (a) above; and

[Include] any whanau, hapu or group to the extent that the whanau, hapu or group includes persons referred to in (a) above.'

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