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Nga Kaihautu o Te Arawa Executive Council

Category: Organisation
Binomial Name: New Zealand
State/Country:Aotearoa - New Zealand
Summary Information:
Nga Kaihautu o Te Arawa Executive Council represents the following iwi and hapu for the purpose of negotiating the 'Affiliate Te Arawa' Deed of Settlement with the Crown:
  • Ngati Ngararanui (including Ngati Tamahika and Ngati Tuteaiti)
  • Ngati Kearoa Ngati Tuara
  • Ngati Tura-Ngati Te Ngakau
  • Ngati Te Roro o Te Rangi
  • Ngati Tuteniu
  • Ngati Uenukukopako
  • Tuhourangi Ngati Wahiao
  • Ngati Tahu-Ngati Whaoa
  • Ngati Pikiao (excluding Ngati Makino)
  • Ngati Rongomai
  • Ngati Tarawhai

    The Council manages the registration of people who are members of the above iwi and hapu and are therefore able to benefit from the settlement. However, the Council is not the 'Governance Entity' which will administer the settlement once it is complete (Nga Kaihautu o Te Arawa Executive Council, 2007).

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