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The Fred Hollows Foundation (Australia)

Category: Organisation
Date: 3 September 1992
Sub Category:Non-Government Organisation (NGO)
Summary Information:
The Fred Hollows Foundation is a non-profit, international development organisation that works for blindness prevention and Indigenous health (The Fred Hollows Foundation 2008, 'About Us'). It continues the work of the late ophthalmologist Professor Fred Hollows, who restored the eyesight of thousands of people - including Aboriginal people in rural and remote communities.

The Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia is part of a global network (founded on a Memorandum of Understanding) of Fred Hollows Foundation organisations in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. As at 2008, the Australian wing of the Foundation operated programs in Africa, Asia and Australia, and had offices in five Australian cities.

Detailed Information:
Indigenous Health

In relation to the Foundation's work in Australia, its website states as follows:

'The Indigenous Program, funded by The Fred Hollows Foundation in Australia works to improve the health and wellbeing of Indigenous people in some of the most remote communities in Australia.

Since 1999, the Indigenous program has partnered with local Indigenous organisations and Jawoyn communities in the region east of Katherine in the Northern Territory and is now extending this partnership to Katherine West and Western New South Wales.

Our work focuses on tackling the social determinants of poor health and supporting the work of Aboriginal-controlled organisations and health services.

Through a series of interrelated projects including nutrition, literacy, eye health, aural health, women's health and workforce training, we are able to address the underlying causes of health inequity' (The Fred Hollows Foundation 2008, 'Australia').

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