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Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd

Category: Organisation
Date: 30 November 2007
Sub Category:Proprietary Company
Place:Tiwi Islands
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Summary Information:
Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd was registered as proprietary company on 30 November 2007 (Australian Securities and Investment Commission, 2008), with its business plan funded by the Indigenous Business Association (IBA). The Directors of Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd are eight managers from the Tiwi Land Council, who represent the eight land owning groups of the Tiwi Islands (Tiwi Land Council Website, 2008).

Established by the Tiwi Land Council using money invested by three landowning groups and the income under the Nguiu (Tiwi Islands) 99-Year Lease, Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd aims to increase the Tiwi workforce and Tiwi employment contracts. According to Mr Brian Clancy of the Tiwi Land Council, it is the vision of Tiwi Enterprises Pty Ltd that 'in eight years or so, our Tiwi mob ... will be involved in all work in the [forestry] project[s]' (Koori Mail).

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