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Darumbal-Noolar Murree Aboriginal Corporation for Land and Culture

Category: Organisation
Date: 14 December 1994
Date To: 4 July 2013
Sub Category:Aboriginal Corporation
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Legal Reference: ICN (Indigenous Corporation Number):1962
Summary Information:
The Darumbal-Noolar Murree Aboriginal Corporation for Land and Culture was formed by the Darumbal (also spelt Dharumbal in some documents) people in 1994. The organisation adopted a new Constitution in 2004 establishing the membership, objectives and decision-making procedures of the organisation. The objectives include representation of the rights and interests of the Darumbal people as Traditional Owners of their domain, the maintenance of cultural heritage, to develop positive relations with other communities located within their region, and to support economic enterprises and activities of the Darumbal people.

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