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Mayu Dancers 'Looking Solid' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)

Date: 2007
Sub Category:Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA)
State/Country:Western Australia, Australia
Subject Matter:Cultural Heritage | Education
Summary Information:
The purpose of the Mayu Dancers 'Looking Solid' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) is to expand the resources available for the Mayu Dance Program, a program operating from the Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation to provide a positive after school activity for local youth that also brings together other members of the community, enhancing opportunities for social activities that maintain and strengthen cultural heritage.

Shared Responsibility Agreements are agreements between governments and Indigenous communities to provide discretionary funding in return for community obligations. The new arrangements developed from an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments and replace the previous ATSIC system of funding. For further information see 'Shared Responsibility Agreement' below.
Detailed Information:
The Mayu Dancers 'Looking Solid' Shared Responsibility Agreement (SRA) is an agreement between the Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Cth) and Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation to provide additional resources for the Mayu Dance Program. The program is designed to address concerns of the Indigenous community of Geraldton about high levels of truancy and poor attendance and a low retention rate of Indigenous students at local schools.

The Mayu Dance Group has been operating for eight years, with members drawn from three primary schools and one junior high school in Geraldton. The dance program involves two hours of dance instruction, personal grooming, public speaking and reinforcement of the importance of education every Wednesday. The program is linked to school attendance, as those students that do not attend school may not attend the dance program.

The Mayu Dancers perform at various community functions such as opening ceremonies, festivals and welcome to country ceremonies (and are increasingly invited to perform throughout the region as this is the only program of this type in the Geraldton region).

The SRA will support the existing program by providing funds for the design and production of new dance performance costumes and the purchase of associated materials and equipment, and also complements several earlier SRAs to increase the availability of educational and cultural heritage activities for local youth (for further information on these agreements refer to the links below).

Shared Responsibilities
The Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Cth) has agreed to contribute $6,000 for the purchase of costumes and associated materials and equipment.

Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation has agreed to make in-kind contributions including the transport of participants from schools to the rehearsal venue and to actual performance venues, the conduct of dance rehearsal lessons and the administration of funds (including the establishment of a fee schedule for public performances to establish an ongoing funding base for the program).

Corporation members will also coordinate a roster of volunteers to provide supervision and instruction for rehearsals and performances, including costume design and maintenance.

Families and individuals will ensure that all their children are enrolled at and attending school, and participate in School Parent Committees and parent/ teacher interviews to discuss attendance, conduct and performance at school. They will also make in-kind and financial contributions to the dance program when possible.

Performance Indicators and Feedback Mechanisms
Geraldton Streetwork Aboriginal Corporation will review and report on the proportion of Indigenous children (from 9 to 15 years old) enrolled at school and on attendance rates.

The Geraldton Indigenous Coordination Centre will meet with parents and guardians on an annual basis to discuss the implementation of the SRA, as well as the attendance rates of participants. Participants, family members and other service providers will be asked to complete an evaluation form about the SRA at the completion of the project.

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