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Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)

Category: Legislation
Sub Category:Legislation
Subject Matter:Agriculture | Education | Environmental Heritage | Exploration | Fishing | Forestry | Horticulture | Land Use | Law - Policy and Justice | Marine | Water
Summary Information:
The purpose of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) is to provide for the protection of the environment, to promote ecologically sustainable development, to promote the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of heritage, to promote a co-operative approach to the protection and management of the environment, to assist in the co-operative implementation of Australia's international environemental responsibilities, to recognise the role of indigenous people in the conservation of Australia's biodiversity and to promote the use of indigenous peoples' knowledge of biodiversity through the involvement of and co-operation with the owners of the knowledge.

The Act will achieve its objectives by:
- recognising the appropriate role for the Commonwealth in relation to the environment,
- strengthening intergovernmental co-operation through bi-lateral agreements,
- providing for inter-governmental accreditation of the environmental assessment and approval processes,
- adopting an efficient and timely Commonwealth environmental assessment and approval process that is likely to have significant impact
- enhancing Australia's capacity to ensure the conservation of its biodiversity through provisions to protect native species, establish an Australian whale sanctuary, protect eco-systems through the establishment of reserves, the protection of ecological communities, the promotion of off-reserve conservation measures, and identify processes that threaten bio-diversity and implement plans to address these processes;
- including provisions to enhance the protection and conservation of heritage properties
- including provisions to identify places for inclusion on heritage lists
- promoting a partnership agreement to environmental protection and biodiversity conservation through bi-lateral agreements with States and Territories, conservation agreements with land-holders, promoting indigenous people's role in and knowledge of the conservation and ecologically sustainable use of biodiversity and the involvement of the community in management planning.

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