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Aboriginal Engagement in Resouce Development: Industry Leading Practices

Category: Event
Date: Final Report
Sub Category:Report
Subject Matter: | Compensation | Economic Development | Employment and Training | Implementation | Land Management | Land Use | Mining and Minerals
Summary Information:

This report outlines industry leading practices with respect to Aboriginal engagement in resource development in Canada and Alaska.

It was initiated in July, 2007 and has drawn from the data collected and lessons learned from a previous research project undertaken for Cameco Corporation and AREVA Resources. These two uranium producers are widely regarded as industry leaders in Aboriginal engagement.

Detailed Information:

Case studies were constructed for approximately 25 operators/operations in mining, hydroelectric generation, infrastructure, and oil and gas using the categories identified below.

The majority of case studies reviewed were greenfield operations (proposed project on undeveloped site) as it tends to be more feasible to implement leading practice in a new project rather than modifying the policies and practices of a mature operation.

The following categories correspond to the report chapters:
a. Project Development
b. Addressing Adverse Impacts
c. Protecting and Promoting Cultural Heritage
d. Employment and Training
e. Supply Chain Participation
f. Sharing Project Revenues
g. Implementation


Aboriginal Engagement In Resource Development: Industry Leading Practices - ( PDF)

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