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Ngai Tâmanuhiri

Category: People
Sub Category:Party to a Deed of Settlement (New Zealand)
State/Country:Aotearoa - New Zealand
Summary Information:
The Ngai Tâmanuhiri are signatories to the Ngai Tâmanuhiri Initialled Deed of Settlement.

Their Rohe (tribal lands) are located to the south of Poverty Bay in the Gisborne Region of New Zealand.

The Ngai Tâmanuhiri are defined in the initialled Deed as the collective groups of persons:
  • who descend from the following ancestor Tämanuhiri or any other recognised ancestor of the hapü/descent groups below who exercised customary interests within the Ngäi Tämanuhiri area after 6 February 1840; and

  • who are Members of one or more of the following hapü/descent groups: Ngäti Rangiwaho Matua, Ngäti Rangiwaho, Ngäti Kahutia, Ngäti Rangitauwhiwhi, Ngäi Tawehi; and

  • every whänau, hapü or group of persons to the extent that whänau, hapü or group includes persons referred to above; and every person referred to above.

    The Ngai Tämanuhiri Whänui Trust was mandated as the Treaty settlement negotiating organisation
    for Ngai Tämanuhiri.

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