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Muluridji Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA)

Date: 20 January 2012
Date To: Not specified
Sub Category:Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) (Native Title Act)
Place:Northwest of Mareeba
State/Country:Queensland , Australia
The area subject to this agreement covers about 88 square kilometres and is over Mareeba Tropical Savanna and Wetland Reserve Nature Refuge and part of Hann Tableland National Park, located about 20 km northwest of the township of Mareeba. The area is within the Tablelands Regional Council.
Legal Status: Registered on the National Native Title Tribunal Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements on 20 January 2012. This is an authorized Area Agreement under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth).
Legal Reference: Native Title Tribunal file no: QI2011/044 QI2011/044
Subject Matter:Native Title
Summary Information:
The Muluridji Protected Areas Indigenous Land Use Agreement is an area agreement between:
- the State of Queensland;
- Keith Mathieson Jnr, Ian Connolly and Clancy Baker on their own behalf and on behalf of the Muluridji People; and
- the Muluridji Tribal Aboriginal Corporation

The Native Title Tribunal notes this agreement relates to 'Co-management' and 'Government' but does not provide specific details.
Detailed Information:
Details of the agreement

Commencement and Expiry

This ILUA commenced on the date of the determination being made, that is on 14 December 2011. The agreement can be terminated by agreement in writing by the parties but will expire on 20 January 2022 (10 years after registration occurred).

If a regulation which gives effect to a Management Plan regulating Native Title Rights and Interests over the ILUA area commences, the ILUA will expire only in relation to that part of the ILUA Area which is covered by the plan.

Future Acts

The agreement contains no statements consenting to future acts.


The Muluridji People claim (QUD 6208/1998) concerns an application that was lodged in 1998 for the recognition of native title rights and interests over approximately 66 square kilometres in the vicinity of Mareeba in northern Queensland.

This claims was resolved on 14 December 2011 at the Federal Court hearing in Mareeba where Justice Logan made two consent determinations recognising the Muluridji People's native title rights and interests over 12 030 hectares of land and waters.

Prior to the matter being resolved the National Native Title Tribunal convened a number of mediation conferences with the parties which also included the parties negotiating ILUAs, this particular ILUA included, to resolve practical on the ground issues.

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  • Organisation
  • State of Queensland - Signatory
  • Muluridji Tribal Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
  • Legislation
  • Native Title Act 1993 (Cth)
  • Native Title Amendment Act 1998 (Cth)
  • Native Title (Indigenous Land Use Agreements) Regulations 1999 (Cth)
  • People
  • Muluridji People - Signatory
  • Clancy Baker, Ian Connolly and Keith Mathieson Jnr on their own behalf and on behalf of the Muluridji People

  • Glossary

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