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Tiwi Islands Shire Council

Category: Organisation
Date: 1 July 2008
Sub Category:Local Government
Place:Tiwi Islands
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Local Government
Summary Information:
The Tiwi Islands Shire Council was established 1st July 2008 as part of the large scale amalgamation process of particularly community government councils in the Northern Territory. The existing community government councils were absorbed by eight new shire councils (Edgar, 247). Consequently, the Tiwi Islands Local Government became the Tiwi Islands Shire Council.
Detailed Information:
The Shire has 12 elected councillors. It is responsible for exercising local government functions over two Tiwi Islands; Bathurst and Melville, and the communities of Nguiu, Wurankuwu, Milikapiti (Snake Bay) and Pirlangimpi (Garden Point), as well as a number of smaller outstations on both islands (website).

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