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Category: People
Sub Category:Party to an Indigenous Land Use Agreement
State/Country:Queensland, Not specified
Subject Matter:Housing, Construction and Infrastructure | Land Management | Land Planning | Management / Administration
Summary Information:
According to the Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning, the Coordinator-General administers the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (SDPWO Act), along with the relevant Minister.

The Coordinator-General has broad powers to plan, deliver and coordinate large-scale infrastructure projects, while ensuring that their environmental impacts are properly managed (Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning).
Detailed Information:
Key functions of the Coordinator-General include (Queensland Government Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning):
- undertaking or commissioning investigations, preparing plans, giving directions and taking any other measures the Coordinator-General thinks necessary or desirable to plan, build and regulate infrastructure developments.
- establishing a program of works for any part of Queensland to be undertaken over a set period of time.
- declaring a project to be a significant project. This means that the project requires a rigorous and comprehensive environmental impact assessment, involving whole-of-government coordination.
- coordinating the environmental impact assessment of the significant projects.
- declaring a project to be a prescribed project. This means that the project is one which is of significance, particularly economically and socially, to Queensland or a region.
- declaring state development areas, those areas of land established to promote economic development, and overseeing development in those areas.
- recommending to the Minister and Governor in Council that the Coordinator-General, a local body or another person undertake works on behalf of the Coordinator-General.
- acquiring land or easements for certain works and areas.

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