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Australian Bauxite Development Pty Ltd

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Proprietary Company
Place:Located in the vicinity of Aurukun
State/Country:Queensland, Australia
Summary Information:
Australian Bauxite Development Pty Ltd (ABD) is developing $580 million bauxite mining project across two zones of the Aurukun region of Cape York in Far North Queensland. Over 50 years from 2016, the project is scoped to deliver some 500 regional jobs, $400 million in stakeholder profit share to local indigenous people, and $3 billion in resource royalties and tax revenue.

To best pursue bauxite development on indigenous land in Aurukun, the ABD Board is formed on a 'fit-for-purpose' basis with representatives of investment partners, the indigenous people and Traditional Owners of Aurukun, and bauxite mining experts.

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ABD Pty Ltd is party to the Aurukun Bauxite Development ILUA.

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