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Cobar Local Aboriginal Land Council

Category: Organisation
Sub Category:Aboriginal Community Council | Aboriginal Corporation
State/Country:New South Wales, Australia
Summary Information:
The Cobar Local Aboriginal Land Council holds the lands of the Mount Grenfell Historic Site on behalf of its traditional owners, the Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan people. The lands, located approximately 50 kilometres from Cobar in Central West New South Wales, were returned to the Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan people on 17 July 2004 pursuant to Schedule 14 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. The area covers approximately 1,357 hectares. Lands claimed by a Local Aboriginal Land Council which are required for the essential public purpose of nature conservation may, with the agreement of the Land Council, be granted to the Land Council subject to the creation of a reserve under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. The reserve is then leased back to the government. The Land Council has entered into such an agreement with the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), effective for an initial term of 30 years from 17 July 2004. The Lease acknowledges that the lands are held by the Land Council on behalf of the traditional owners, and that it must act in consultation with them and in their best interests. The site will be jointly managed by the Aboriginal community and and the NPWS via a Board of Management, established pursuant to the Lease Agreement.

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