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Alice Springs Alcohol Management Plan 2016-2018

Date: January 2016
Date To: 2018
Sub Category:Alcohol Management Plan
Place:Alice Springs
State/Country:Northern Territory, Australia
Subject Matter:Health and Community Services
Summary Information:
The Alice Springs Alcohol Management Plan 2016-2018 ('the Plan')is a local response to alcohol related harms in the Alice Springs community. The first Alcohol Management Plan (AMP) was developed in Alice Springs in 2006 and has been updated a number of times. The current plan was developed by the Alice Springs Alcohol Reference Group - established in 2013 by the NT Minister for Alcohol Policy - in consultation with the community, Government and other stakeholders.

Developed by the Alice Springs Alcohol Reference Group, made up of representatives from:
- Alice Springs Town Council
- Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation
- Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
- Central Australian Aboriginal Alcohol Programs Unit
- Alice Springs Women's Shelter
- Central Australian Tourism Association
- Chamber of Commerce
- Australian Hotels Association NT
- Liquor Stores Association
- Clubs NT Association
Detailed Information:
The vision of the Alice Springs Alcohol Management Plan is 'living responsibly with alcohol in Alice Springs - in a safe and healthy community'.

There are three main principles that the Plan outlines to work towards the vision of a community that lives responsibly with alcohol including:
- Supply reduction: managing availability, accessibility and convenience of alcohol supply
- Demand reduction: influencing individual attitudes, knowledge and behaviours in relation to alcohol
- Harm reduction: providing interventions to prevent further harm for the community, and endeavours to encourage safe choices in relation to alcohol.

Underneath each principle sits various key goal areas including:
1. Strengthen and promote effective supply measures
- Strategies include: maintaining Point of Sale Interventions (POSI) on all takeaway outlets; addressing the illegal supply of alcohol; and establishing an effective Liquor Accord to address alcohol-related harm and supply issues.
2. Encourage cultural connectedness and harmony within Alice Springs
- Strategies include: addressing alcohol misuse as a whole community issue; and encouraging Aboriginal leadership to act.
3. Encourage young people to make safe choices with regards to alcohol
- Strategies include: encouraging healthy development of young people, and prevention and early intervention; and better addressing risks of people at risk of contact with the justice system due to substance misuse
4. Improve substance misuse treatment and care pathways
- Strategies include: Coordinate alcohol and other drugs services; and improved options for rehabilitation and aftercare accommodation.
5. Ensure public areas are safe for all users
- Strategies include: Improving and coordinating public events and ensuring strategies for at risk young people and responses for intoxicated people in public are strengthened.
6. Working collaboratively with remote communities and town camps to ensure AMPs are effective
- Strategies include: ensuring links between Alcohol Management Plans are effective
7. Ensuring the Plan is effectively governed and evaluated
- Strategies include: ensuring clear processes are in place

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